PSG Institute - Mechatronics Engineering

College Info:

PSG Institute of Advanced Studies (PSGIAS) was founded by PSG and Sons’ Charities trust to promote high quality research in some niche areas of science and technology, as well as to create opportunities to PSG Institutions to collaborate with universities abroad.PSG Institute of Advanced Studies (PSGIAS), an institution under PSG group offers opportunities for international education. In order to make the International Education affordable, PSGIAS has entered into collaborations and signed several MoUs with various Universities. These collaborations allow students to study major portion of the program at PSG in India. The curriculum is the same as that of PSG College of Technology, which has proved its contribution to engineering education in the country. The admission process is directly through PSGIAS. The education programs currently offered are with the universities in the USA, Germany, UK, and Australia.

Course Info:

In the first three years of study, all students will do their study in English. During that time PSGIAS is responsible for the courses of study and all students must also attend German language classes for 800 hours starting from the first semester. In the fourth year the students will continue their study at one of the IGCHE Universities with German as medium of instruction. In addition each student will either do an internship in a German company for one semester and write the thesis in cooperation with the German company or do the project thesis in the same University. After completion of the study each student will receive a certified Bachelor Degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the respective German University.