Harshitha Sree P.

Flame University - Liberal Arts

Short Bio:

Harshitha is diligent and sincere by nature, it was reflected in the timely submissions of her assignments and academic scores. Enthusiastic to discuss any new topic of interest. She is a very practical girl.

College Info:

Our educational philosophy is rooted in the concept of Liberal Education. We believe that the real world does not function in isolation, and neither should knowledge. By interconnecting social sciences, humanities, physical sciences, business, design, natural sciences, fine & performing arts, communications management and computational sciences, we equip our students for an ever-changing new world. At FLAME, our students interact with various disciplines and are encouraged to address pressing world challenges through different perspectives. Our aim is to help them grow as critical thinkers and lifelong learners, as they lead purposeful lives, rather than just narrow professions. Therefore, we foster an environment that is personalised, participatory, and provides a transformational experience to aid in their personal and professional journeys.

Course Info:

The Undergraduate Program at FLAME University aims to fire the imagination of young minds, foster creativity, propel innovation, and provide the basis for the preparation of a new generation of leaders who will make a lasting impact in their chosen fields.The program is rooted in liberal education and aims to impart breadth and depth of knowledge along with valuable life and transferable skills that are critical to succeeding in life. The program imbibes interdisciplinary perspectives. It prepares one to question preconceived notions and find ways to overcome them, along with adopting broader perspectives to solve complex problems. Interdisciplinary education helps advance critical thinking, identifies insights from multiple disciplines, and promotes lasting and significant learning.

Tuition Fees :

~ 10 Lakhs/year