Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts - Political Science

Short Bio:

She is an outspoken person, completely interactive and understands from other persons point of view. She is an excellent dancer and performs exceedingly well and makes the crowd dance with her. She is good in academics and has improved her skills in basketball.

College Info:

Reaching to the roots of purpose of education KCLAS, gives an opportunity to gain indepth knowledge in one domain and gives a broader understanding across disciplines. KCLAS teaches students to think critically, communicate clearly, analyze and solve complex problems, appreciate others, understand the physical world, and be prepared to learn continuously so they can work with others and on their own to meet the challenges of the future.

Course Info:

Political Science encompasses the study of national and international political systems. The course will give an idea about how a nation is governed, helps to understand on how to interpret and analyze political systems. It also incorporates the study of historical and modern political system, governance, public administration, governmental policies, international relations and public affairs. Economics and Sociology are covered as necessary in the Political science course.