Hari Vishnu S

Sai University, Chennai - B.Tech Computing and Data Science

Short Bio:

Hari vishnu He is an enthusiastic and dynamic person. He is a gifted performer in sports, cultural activities, and studies. He has a great interest in sports and has been an active participant in most of the sports activities.

College Info:

Sai University’s (SaiU) mission is based on three majestic pillars: empowering people to liberate their minds and realize their potential; sparking the imagination to spur discovery, innovation and creative work; and unleashing education and research through action, for the betterment of our societies. SaiU seek students and faculty who are: curious about what lies beyond familiar boundaries of knowledge; dedicated to honing their ability to think analytically, refine their aesthetic sensibilities and communicate clearly; driven to express their passion authentically through their life’s work; and inspired to elevate humanity.

Course Info:

An undergraduate program provides students with core concepts of computer science and data science delivered by world-class faculty a modern-day curriculum with blended courses from computer science and data science lectures and workshops from International Industry experts Industry-relevant research, internship, and placement assistance.

Tuition Fees :

4 Lakhs / year