Devi Manogna Volety

VIT Amaravathi Campus - B.Tech CSE in Network Security

Short Bio:

Devi Manogna Volety is an upcoming poet. Her lines admire the beauty of abstract things of normal life. She is a keen observer and a beautiful Dancer. Her strength is her passion for doing the given task perfectly.

College Info:

With a history of 32 years of innovation in educational and research domain, VIT has been a forerunner in delivering quality education. Consistently ranked among the top educational institutes in the country, the VIT group of institutions have had a proud tradition of pursuing knowledge and excellence. In keeping with this tradition, the leadership at VIT-AP resonates a dynamic blend of academic initiative and industry partnership with a vision of creating one of the finest academic destinations in the world. The VIT-AP campus, which is poised to become one of the country’s best campuses, offers several avenues to explore your interests, identify core competencies, and engage in an evolving lifecycle of education and growth. It is a place where students are offered immense opportunities to learn, practice, grow, and thrive

Course Info:

The B.Tech. course in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Network Security offered by VIT-AP is to meet the demands of security aspects of computer networks having critical business needs. The initial level courses provide students with a core foundation in programming, mathematical reasoning, physics and circuit design. The latter part blends fundamentals in computer science including secure coding, network security, introduction to cryptography, internet & web programming, web services, authentication and security models, principles of web application security. Apart from the core areas, electives allow students to specialize in advanced fields. Hence, the program focuses on the practical and theoretical dimensions of cyber security across a range of fundamental areas, such as network security, vulnerability assessment, information security, and wireless devices security. The emphasis of the program is to nurture students with the knowledge and skills required to secure LAN/WAN, computers, detect and analyze attacks and threats, respond to attacks, develop security policies, procedures, and standards.