Kedge Business School, Marseille France - Economics

Short Bio:

Arun possess extraordinary oratorical skills. He excells both in academic achievement and practical skills. Arun’s drive, persistence and rapport with people is exceptional. He also possess fine leadership qualities. He interacts well with his peers be it in the classroom setting or with the broader diverse student population where he is well known as a balanced individual with a warm personality and sense of humor.

College Info:

In 2013, KEDGE was founded from the merger of two renowned business schools, well-established in their respective regions and already benefiting from international outreach: BEM and Euromed Management.KEDGE is a non-profit association created in July 2013 by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Marseille-Provence and Bordeaux.KEDGE Business School is a benchmark French business school with 4 campuses in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseilles and Toulon), 2 in China (Shanghai and Suzhou), 1 in Dakar, Senegal, and 3 partner campuses (Avignon, Bastia and Bayonne).

Course Info:

Kedge Business School’s Accounting, Finance and Economy department has 29 lecturers who teach at the Bordeaux and Marseilles campuses.In Economy, students learn the traditional tools while expanding their knowledge using new ways of thinking to analyse market operations, consumer and producer behaviour, economic policies, contemporary and international problems, cultural and urban economics and social and solidarity economics. Our teaching staff strive to provide students with a thorough overview, leading them towards cutting-edge innovations in economic and financial thinking and towards business models.