Arjun T Mohan

San Diego State University - BS Computer Science

Short Bio:

Arjun T Mohan is very active in his studies and he has inquisitive learning qualities. He is very quick to grasp new concepts and aspires to improve upon new skills. He loves basketball and other intellectual, yet active sports. He socializes with all the students and makes new friends very easily. He usually voices most of his thoughts aloud.

College Info:

Since its founding in 1897, the university has grown to become a leading public research university, and a federally-designated Hispanic-serving Institution. Each year, SDSU provides more than 36,000 students with the opportunity to participate in an academic curriculum distinguished by direct contact with faculty and an international emphasis that prepares them for a global future.SDSU is the oldest higher education institution in San Diego, uniquely situated only 30 minutes north of the U.S.-Mexico border on Kumeyaay land. Our community is fully committed to excellent teaching, meaningful research and service to our regional community and others we serve throughout the state, across the nation and internationally.

Course Info:

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of modern computing methodology and programming practices along with a complementary knowledge of hardware. The first two years provide the basic preparation in programming, data structures and architecture. The final two years are devoted to more advanced fundamentals and specialized electives. Computers are used to store and manage information, to analyze scientific data, and in a wide variety of other applications. Computing technology is found in an almost limitless number of settings, ranging from automobiles to household appliances to toys. Because of this, a wide range of jobs are open to people trained in Computer Science. Employment opportunities are expected to remain very strong.

Tuition Fees :

USD 45,000 / year (including Food, Transport, Books…)