Ananjana Sushil

St. Teresa’s College - BSc Home Science

Short Bio:

Ananjana is a well behaved student, who continues to strive to do her best in academics. She is a good singer and is always an active participant in most of the performing arts. She works well with limited supervision. She is a patient listener and heeds to others’ points of view. She is always regular in her work and has a positive attitude and never fails to approach teachers in times of need.

College Info:

St. Teresa’s College, Autonomous is committed to enriching the lives of their students by empowering them. They provide holistic education that enables them to actively participate in community life. Womens’ education is a crucial factor that contributes to nation building and for the past ninety years They have been educating young women from different strata of our society.The concept of education needs to change keeping in mind the needs of the present generation of learners and we strive to equip them with the necessary skill sets to meet the different challenges that they may be required to meet.

Course Info:

The establishment of the Department of Home Science in 1958 with the commencement of the UG Course. Fifty-five years of merit and excellence have rolled by in the history of the Home Science Department. Post Graduate courses in Family Resource Management, Child development and Food and Nutrition commenced in 1962, 1964 and 2001 respectively. in the year 1985, the department was recognized as a research center – the only research center for Home Science under Mahatma Gandhi University. Today the Home Science curriculum has been restructured and scientifically planned to make it multi-dimensional and skill oriented. Backed by a competent faculty team, the department excels in all the three aspects of higher education – teaching, research, and extension. The subject places considerable emphasis on Human Development across the lifespan. Early childhood education, family life education, gender sensitization, child abuse,non-formal education form components of the subject. Resource management emphasises the principles of strategic human resource management. It also helps in the identification, mobilisation and effective utilisation of resources for sustainable development. Interior decoration and creative art form an integral part of the subject enhancing knowledge of decorating in both residential and commercial spaces.