Amrutha R.

Amity University - Applied Psychology

Short Bio:

Amruta is an independent student. Her calm and gracious nature is inspiring. She was a very inquisitive, engaged student with very positive attitude throughout the year who was a very active participants in all class discussions and activities. She was also very supportive inclusive of others who always listened thoughtfully to the contributions of her peers. She inspires everyone by her consistency and hard working attitude.

College Info:

Amity sets the benchmarks of the global education with a system that matches the best of practices, theories, resources and standards all over the world. A dynamic semester-based courseware created by integrating the traditional syllabus with the latest trends across disciplines to suit the current industry requirements. A multi-stage process of evaluation and appraisal involving a bi-annual review by the Area Expert Committee, the Board of Studies and the Academic Council. Evaluation and achievement of course-objectives, based on feedback reports on the placements, employability of the graduating students, developments in technology, and statutory compliance of various bodies

Course Info:

Applied Psychology is the use of psychological principles and theories to overcome problems in other areas, such as mental health, business msnsgement, education, health, product design, ergonomics and law. It includes the area of clinical psycholofy, industrial and oraganization psychology, occupational health psychology, human factors, forensic psychology, engineering psychology, as well as many other areas such as school psychology & sports psychology.