Akshy S.Mali

PSG Institute of Advanced Studies - Business Management & Marketing

Short Bio:

Akshay S Malli is a very friendly person who is fond of interacting with new people and likes to strike interesting conversations. He is very positive and lively and likes to keep the people around him jovial. He has an energetic participation and is always eager to learn new things. This quality in him makes him want to acquire knowledge and build on it. Under the right guidance, he can reach great heights.

College Info:

PSG Institute of Advanced Studies (PSGIAS) was founded by PSG and Sons’ Charities trust to promote high quality research in some niche areas of science and technology, as well as to create opportunities to PSG Institutions to collaborate with universities abroad.

Course Info:

This is a three year undergraduate programme designed for the students aspiring to add an international dimension to their business education and for a career in the global business market. PSG IAS in collaboration with Hull University Business School offers Hons degree in the following specialisation streams that can be opted by the student during the third year of their study at Hull.

The year 1 and 2 of the programme is taught at PSG College of Arts and Science. The course aims to provide a strong foundation on the complete international business operations enabling to manage the complex and dynamic nature of today’s global business challenges. The curriculum for the two years is designed to match the UK education system. Teaching, learning and assessment is more practical and application oriented with good transferable business skills.