Akshay Sanjeevi

PSG Institute of Advanced Studies - B.A(Hons) in International Business

Short Bio:

Akshai is one of the favorite and fun loving students. He believes passionately in social progress and working for the common good. He always had a positive attitude irrespective of success or failure. He tried his level best to score better and had the strong belief that he can always improve himself. He is a trustworthy, soft spoken, humorous and over all a good human who supports everyone in the class. He was also interested in all kind of sports and participated in most of the extra-curricular activities.

College Info:

PSG Institute of Advanced Studies (PSGIAS) was founded by PSG and Sons’ Charities trust to promote high quality research in some niche areas of science and technology, as well as to create opportunities to PSG Institutions to collaborate with universities abroad. The mandate of the institute is : Identify and establish R & D facilities niche areas in Science and Technology and recruit core faculty and staff.
Establish research facilities in selected areas through public and private funding. Explore academic linkage for PSG Institutions with industries, institutions and R & D organizations at National and International level. Plan joint academic programmes with reputed universities.

Course Info:

This is three year degree program with international exposure. In the first 2 years of study, students will do their courses at PSG, the academic curriculum being approved by University of Hull. The credits earned in the first 2 years at PSG will be transferred to University of Hull. Students should also pass IELTS with more than 6.0 overall and not less than 5.5 in each skill to qualify for UK student visa to take up their 3rd year of study. In the 3rd year of study students can select their courses of study from the prescribed list (and do the project thesis as part of the curriculum). After successful completion of the course, BA (Hons) Degree in International Business will be awarded by the University of Hull Business School.