Advika Malli

Erasmus University Rotterdam - Psychology

Short Bio:

Advika Malli is a dynamic team player who is enthusiastic about exploring new facets. Her energetic participation and the zeal to learn new aspects is consistent. Her inquiry skills and inquisitiveness allows her to grow up to greater heights with smooth flow. A good display of composure and planning goes hand in hand. Hard work is her key to success. She loves to take up challenging objectives. Balance and Power are those that describes her.

College Info:

Erasmus University Rotterdam was founded on 8 November 1913 as the Netherlands School of Commerce (Nederlandsche Handels-Hoogeschool, or NHH) through private initiative with broad support from the business community of Rotterdam. In 1937, the school was recognized as a higher educational institute with university status, providing education in commerce and economics as an academic discipline. This resulted in a change of its name: the NHH became the NEH, or Netherlands School of Economics (Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool). The growing complexity of society led in the 1960s, to the arrival of the faculties of Law and Social Sciences, followed in later decades by Philosophy, History and Arts, and Business Administration.

Course Info:

Within our Psychology programme, we educate using small scale and activating forms of education. In small groups, you will analyse real life problems by looking for information in books, journals and digital media. Class discussions on scientific literature will strengthen your bond with fellow students and encourage you to succeed. You will also develop professional skills which aim to minimise the gap between university and the workplace and prepare you for your career path.

Tuition Fees :

€9,900 / year