James Cook University - Bachelor's of Information Technology

Short Bio:

Abhinav has been a diligent leader, during an interschool fest this club had engaged them in doing a fundraiser to support the needy and down trodden. He engaged in activities which were very effective and innovative. He showcased his IT skills and came up with a user friendly billing process that was recognized and appreciated by the school community. The fund generated was then further directed through the Rotary Club of Cotton City Coimbatore to be given as a fund to establish a computer lab in a government school.
Further, he had taken up photography as his long term CAS activity, he used to be very sincere and hardworking that has made him reach the international level competitions. He is well experienced with being involved in Press Corps – Photography and has achieved laurels to his carrier as well as the school. He has participated in around 8 MUN conferences wherein he has also made himself take up the challenge and participate in the IIMUN Conference at New York. U.S.A.
He along with his friends had involved in creating a website for a Model United Nations organized by the students named South Indian Model United Nations (SIMUN). He being the treasurer had generated fund for the event and also sponsored the IT related expenses towards SIMUN. He has also involved himself in creating the website this year for the second chapter as well. He is a tech savvy person who has maneuvered his skills and made new approaches to create IT oriented platforms.

College Info:

James Cook University Singapore is a branch of James Cook University, based in Townsville, Australia. In addition to Singapore and Townsville, JCU operates another campus in Cairns, Australia. JCU Singapore was opened in 2003 as part of the university’s strategic intent of “Creating a brighter future for life in the tropics world-wide through graduates and discoveries that make a difference”. The university is ranked in the top 2%* of universities in the world and is the leading tropical research university in Australia. JCU Singapore fully adapts the Australian curriculum and all degree certification is awarded from James Cook University Australia.[2] JCU is registered under the Committee for Private Education Singapore (CPE).urrently, JCU Singapore offers pathway, business, education, counselling, psychology, environmental science, information technology, tourism & hospitality courses at JCU Singapore. JCU Singapore is fully owned by James Cook University and all courses are provided by the University.JCU Singapore runs on a trimester system, allowing students to ‘fast track’ their studies and complete their degrees in as short as short as two years, in comparison to other universities in the around the world.

Course Info:

James Cook University offers IT courses in Singapore that equips students with the skills and knowledge needed for the technology age. In recent years the Internet and local computer networks have become essential everyday business tools. Not surprisingly, the IT industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, and IT graduates can expect exciting and rewarding careers, anywhere in the world. Earn your IT degree at the Singapore campus of James Cook University. We offer full-time undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that will provide you with the fundamental and advanced knowledge across a range of IT applications, project management across a range of industries, and practical experience with industry standard equipment. This course brings together the knowledge and skills that are essential for professional IT careers along with subjects in interactive visualisation, games, big data and data mining, interactive 2D/3D graphics and web technologies, mobile technologies, programming and design thinking, and programming.
As an IT student, you will be entitled to memberships with two professional bodies: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Singapore Computer Society (SCS). As a graduate, you will have career opportunities across various sectors, including IT, education, government, health, banking and finance, media and manufacturing.

Course Fee:
SGD 56,496 full course fee

Living Cost:
SGD 16,000 to 20,000/year